360° e-retail assortment visibility, without checking pages manually

Check SKU presence
Ensure that e-tailers are distributing their negotiated assortment. And that exclusivities are respected.
Remedy critical out-of-stocks
React fast when top-selling products run low on stocks before you start missing out on sales and lose market share. Reach out to buyers or check if orders or underway.
Own the buy box 24/7
The buy box drives most sales on popular marketplaces. Make sure you’re owning it all the time. Set notifications to be warned when you lose it.
Address the grey market
Find out which unauthorized sellers are offering your products. Decide if you want to bring them into your distribution or shut them down.
Increase sales and revenue
Strengthen e-tailer relations
Grow bargaining power
Protect brand image
Extend market share
I save four to five hours a week with Brand Analytics. It provides visibility on your whole market.
Benjamin Auffray
Mayborn Group

Comprehensive assortment features

Real-time monitoring
See where your products are and where they’re not.
Unlimited history
You don't need to store Excel files!
We let you know when a products goes out-of-stock
Download detailed Excel reports every week
Buy box tracking
See when you lose the buy box and who's taking it
3rd-party sellers tracking
Keep an eye on agressive sellers
7 stock statuses supported
Support for limited stock, preorder, etc.
High-frequency updates
We refresh the data every 3 hours
SKU-level support
Read availability for each color/size variation