Record all price movements, without
the Excel sheet

See who dropped the price first
Price imitation is the name of the game. Understand who follows who, and who initiates significant price movements in your market. Understand the source of all price variations.
Support e-retail negotiations
Data is power. When discussing margin, owning a full price movement history for your products and your competitors' is a valuable asset.
Anticipate price life-cycle
Learn from previous product launches. Understand how prices evolve over time in a competitive environment. Learn how quickly prices drop after launch, forecast sales and revenue accordingly.
Enforce your MAP policy
In the countries where they can be used, MAP policies are great tools. Use Brand Analytics to monitor prices at a high frequency and react fast to all violations.
Increase sales and revenue
Protect your margins
Grow bargaining power
Protect brand image
Collect market intelligence
Brand Analytics' price history helps me understand the elasticity of the demand. When a product performs better or worse than expected, I can go back to last year's prices to highlight any major differences.
Benjamin Roy

Comprehensive pricing features

Real-time prices
See the current prices for all your products, everywhere
Unlimited history
You don't need to store Excel files!
We let you know when there is a large price drop
Reports and extracts
Extract raw data reports with Excel compatibility
Marketplace prices
We track direct and marketplace prices
First offender analysis
Find out in seconds which
e-retailer was the first to drop
API integration
Unlock advanced use cases with our API
High-frequency updates
We refresh the data every 3 hours
SKU-level support
Read prices for each color/size variation