Driving decision making with data is no longer a nice-to-have: it’s a necessity. Most teams choose to adopt one or more business intelligence tools to make more informed decisions. These tools collect, analyze and display vast amounts of information. They have been instrumental in improving decisions and analysis.

But sometimes, people just don’t use them. Why?

As users are interested in busting through their to-do list, opening a new tab, logging in, finding the right info and then switching back to the original task can feel like it is slowing them down. And others just don’t like changing their habits.

Saving time for e-commerce teams is our first commitment. For some users, this means integrating valuable insights inside their workflows, and not alongside it. Over the last two years, we have worked on decisive features meant to bring data to our users, as opposed to having them come and get it.

  • Notifications: summarize important events from crucial e-tail partners,
  • BlueBoard report: get a weekly, automated overview of your distribution,
  • API: embed data in your existing tools.

Today, we’re excited to announce a new feature that will help your users leverage the data from BlueBoard without changing their habits.

The BlueBoard extension.

Illustration BlueBoard Extension

The BlueBoard extension was designed to help users make data-driven decisions with no extra effort and save time by integrating BlueBoard data into your daily workflows.

For all pages monitored by BlueBoard, it will allow you to instantly:

  • Compare price points between e-tailers from the product page,
  • Check the 30-day median price,
  • See the price history from the product page,
  • Access availability records.

Start now:

  1. Install the BlueBoard extension for Chrome or Firefox (coming soon).
  2. Then visit any product page that BlueBoard tracks.
1-pager BlueBoard extension
Download the 1-pager — click here

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