Today marks the start of a new chapter: we’re excited to announce BlueBoard’s acquisition by ChannelAdvisor. They’re a leading e-commerce cloud platform that helps thousands of brands optimize e-commerce operations globally.

Read the announcement on ChannelAdvisor's blog.

When Francis and I started BlueBoard in 2015, our goal was to help e-retail professionals save time and make smarter decisions. Over the last five years, we’ve grown BlueBoard from a product page scraping tool to a fully-featured e-retail intelligence solution serving dozens of brands worldwide.

Short of becoming a father of two, growing BlueBoard has been the most intense experience of my life. Over the last five years, we’ve had the privilege to work alongside good and talented people while we unfolded our vision to help brands succeed in the e-commerce space.

Why does this acquisition feel like the right next step? Our solution complements ChannelAdvisor’s really well and vice versa. ChannelAdvisor isn’t currently offering a service like BlueBoard’s, so we’ll be adding another string to their bow. And as we combine our two platforms, we’ll bring customers an unprecedented level of insight and optimization across their e-commerce programs.

As we open this new chapter together, I’d like to take a moment to thank Francis, my technical co-founder, the 29 members of our team, our investors, our customers, and our families. This is an important time for all of us in Paris and, on behalf of the team, I want to share our pride and excitement! We are now looking forward to writing the next pages together with ChannelAdvisor's team and support.

Kevin, CEO of BlueBoard

Kevin and Francis


ChannelAdvisor is a leading e-commerce cloud platform that, since 2001, has helped thousands of global brands and retailers expand sales channels and optimize e-commerce operations for peak performance through sites including Amazon, eBay, Zalando, Walmart, Google, Facebook, and hundreds more. Further, ChannelAdvisor’s solutions for shoppable content help brands collaborate with retailers to drive sales.

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