Since the advent of search engines such as Yahoo, Lycos and Google in the mid 90s, search has become the core mechanic for finding and discovering content on the web. The role search plays in e-commerce product discovery has also become unquestionable. Online customers have become increasingly savvy at detailed search queries or browsing the specific subcategory.

The traditional share of shelf considers the number of SKUs and shelf facings placed at customer eye level to be of utmost importance. The digital shelf is a whole different ball game, with search at its heart; how often your products show up in search results may very well be the factor with the largest influence on commercial success for brands and manufacturers.

How should brands and manufacturers measure current search performance? How can performance be improved? Which actions should be prioritized?

Inside this handbook, we have put together:

  • The latest insights on the share of search in e-tailer traffic
  • Keys to understanding how algorithms rank products
  • Where to find the best keywords and how to sort them
  • A methodology to measure your share of the digital shelf

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