For a brand, monitoring online distribution channels is a hassle. E-retail teams have to regularly visit the sites they are selling on to ensure that all availability, price, search and content metrics are A-OK. The common pain is that it takes hours to read through these products pages when your brand has a large distribution network. You can choose to skip the process, but then you could miss out on sales and end up with unhappy customers.

BlueBoard automates the monitoring of e-retailers so you don’t have to do it yourself. It makes the entire e-retail team more efficient and more productive. Here are 9 ways BlueBoard can save up to 9 hours of work for your e-retail team.

1. Check the state of your market instantly with Real-Time Monitoring

Checking all your e-retailers for out-of-stocks or new price changes could take a full day. That's why in e-retail teams, there is often a team member whose task it is to manually check all the sites. Otherwise, each team member would need to set aside a couple of hours per week to go over their SKUs at the major e-retailers.

How about letting BlueBoard do that for you? We can provide an extensive overview of your distribution channels while you are sipping your morning cup of coffee! Your team will be able to see all of your products’ performance at your preferred e-retailers, in real-time. Our high-frequency scraping technology constantly updates data about your product pages, so you will have more time to cultivate your sales relationships.

BlueBoard Real time monitoring

BlueBoard has not only changed the way I monitor MAP pricing online, but has also reinvented the way our marketing team can see product reviews from customers and allows our sales guys to see whether products are well-stocked enough. It's amazing! — Kristyn, M., Junior Product Manager - Blue Microphones

2. Prepare QBRs in a flash with the Retailer Analysis

How often do you conduct quarterly business reviews? This classic joke never gets old because it still applies. You know that you need to catch up with your buyer at that e-retailer, but you postpone it because there is just so much to do. You don’t have enough time to gather all the data and compose that quarterly report before the meeting.

Here’s how BlueBoard can help speed up the preparation:

  • Price evolution: Looking at how prices changed over the last three months can help you prepare for your discussion on margins.
  • Retailer analysis: In just a few seconds, you can check whether the e-retailer is respecting your distribution agreement.
  • Competition benchmark: Is your e-retailer restocking your rivals’ products more regularly than yours? BlueBoard lets you monitor your competitors’ products, giving you evidence to back up your negotiations.

Now that we take care of your QBR, your quarterly catch-up meeting will be quick but efficient.

BlueBoard Retailer analysis

3. Review weekly progress at a glance with the BlueBoard Report

A weekly report works like a debrief about the ongoing tasks of the team. It also points out the issues at your e-retailers, such as out-of-stocks, sudden price drops, or negative reviews. The larger your distribution network becomes, the more complex it is for the e-retail team to touch base with all the sites, and the higher the likelihood of overlooking an issue.

How about telling us exactly how you want your report? Your BlueBoard Report is generated automatically, so you can pick out all the key elements that you want to include and set up a schedule. We will instantly generate your report with all the e-retailers that you care about and send it straight to your mailbox.

As a Sales Analyst, BlueBoard helps me keep an eye on my most important distribution metrics. Whenever I notice a problem, I pass it on to the sales team and they handle it with the e-tailers — Nathalie, Wan, Sales Analyst - Netatmo

4. Stop searching for distribution mishaps manually, get Automated Notifications

Can you believe that some e-retail buyers still don’t get notified when one of their products runs out? And some buyers are just too busy to place new orders. Distribution issues, such as a lost buy box (LBB), out-of-stocks (OOS) or Andon Cords, can catch you by surprise.

On the BlueBoard dashboard, you can set up notifications for any distribution mishaps across all the e-retailers. You can instantly get a hold of the situation and reach out to notify your account manager to have it fixed. No more surprises that cost you a sale, and you can also fortify your business relationships.

BlueBoard notification
I use BlueBoard every day to track my prices online, my out-of-stocks and my customer reviews. Sales and marketing can use the same tool! — Benjamin, A., Key Account Manager E-Retail - Mayborn Group

5. Boost your daily workflow efficiency with the BlueBoard Extension

Are you using some price tracking extensions in your browser to assist your daily workflow? It shows the current price and history, so in some ways, it works. But these extensions are not specifically designed for e-commerce professionals, so you still need to manually pick out the indicators that you need.

Understanding these struggles, we came up with the BlueBoard extension – specifically designed for e-commerce professionals with no time to waste. It seamlessly integrates highly contextual insights into your daily workflow. Here is how the BlueBoard extension will be your everyday “best buddy”:

  • Real-time prices and stock levels
  • 30-day median price
  • Full pricing history
  • Full availability history
BlueBoard extension

6. Quickly understand price movements with the Price History

Prices are a hassle to track, especially now that most e-retailers use dynamic pricing. Do you need to check that a promotion started on time? Do you want to find out which e-retailer dropped the price first? In both cases, unless you have someone checking the prices several times per day, you won’t find the answer.

With BlueBoard, thanks to the pricing history feature, you can know what happened in just a minute. Since BlueBoard checks product pages every three hours or more, it’s easy to go back to the exact time a price changed.

BlueBoard price history

7. Scrutinize all page titles and images at once with the Product Page

Creating product is listings simple, but pushing your brand’s listings higher up in the search rankings is another story. Your company invests time and money into producing quality product shoots and descriptions to earn that high search ranking, but unfortunately, broken images and poor titles still happen. There are too many product pages to check on and your teams are too busy to just look around for tentative flaws.

You can eliminate this risk with BlueBoard’s help. We present all of your product pages at every e-retailer, so you can monitor all of them within one single platform.

BlueBoard Product Page feature

8. Speed up review reading with automated Review Notifications

Regularly following up with all ratings and reviews is a full-time job. Your team works hard to prioritize all the feedback from recently launched products while frequently monitoring all of the others. There is a good chance that you need more man-hours, especially when these customers’ inputs from a new campaign help identify issues at the early stages, such as a technical issue or inaccurate messaging.

BlueBoard collects your product reviews at scale and automatically alerts you about new reviews and ratings. Your team won’t need to spend extra hours catching up with new reviews. Our API plugin also supports raw data collection for full-scale sentiment analysis and other market research purposes.

BlueBoard review monitoring

9. Rapidly monitor brand’s products presence with Brand Trends

We know how important it is for brands to get their products on the first page of the search results. The e-retail team has to plan for it, from keyword placement to negotiation. Despite your efforts to stand out, the competition is always tough. There are always new entrants and your direct competitors are attempting to dominate that first page of the search results.

With BlueBoard, you’ll have what it takes to step right into the battle, fully aware of the current market situation at any time. You will gain insights into all the dominant brands’ products on the first page of the search results, which will give you insights into their real-time keyword tactics and allow you to review your current strategy. We do this analysis for you, so you can make better decisions to win that top-ranking position at any e-retailer.

BlueBoard brand trends
Great tool. It helped me in many situations to support with facts, planning and decisions, while keeping the market and customers under control. — Umberto, P., Channel Marketing Manager - Resideo

BlueBoard’s solution was designed in response to the struggles of brands and manufacturers in e-commerce. Each feature can reduce the time investment required and can be beneficial to different levels of management, as well as to the functions of the teams. You have no time to waste, so how about getting a helping hand?

Reach out to BlueBoard today and get ready to elevate your brand’s e-commerce distribution.

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