Drive sales on every page with the best content

Make product reviews work for you
Keep an eye on all product reviews. Respond when you can to address criticism and amplify praise. Make sure all product pages have enough reviews to convince uncertain buyers.
Use the best product content
Help your e-tailers use the best, latest assets in your product pages. Save yourself the headache of checking pages one by one. Define brand guidelines and single out non-compliant pages.
Drive conversion rates up
Are you taking advantage of all content opportunities? Don't miss the chance to make an impression: find out which pages are not showing enough pictures, text, reviews.
Build a consistent brand
Consistency drives brand recognition and awareness. Deliver the best brand experience across sites, encourage loyalty and increase repeat purchases.
Protect your brand image
Increase conversion rates
Grow your share of shelf
Collect market intelligence
Improve e-tailer relations

Comprehensive content performance features

Ratings count  & average
Scale your management of ratings with no effort
Full-text reviews
Find and read all customer reviews in one place
Page title analysis
Make sure your titles are as eye-catching as can be!
Daily scraping
We refresh content data daily; you don't have to wait
Product picture check*
Are your e-tailers using enough pictures?
Description quality*
The right sales pitch is key to drive conversion
Rich content presence*
If you're paying for it, you might as well use it
High-level scoring*
Get a content score and monitor your progress
Raw-data export*
Export all URLs to Excel to share externally
*Under development